The Timberland Company announced today

The Timberland Company announced today that it will launch the Timberland Boot Company (TM) for women in the fall of 2009 (available retail in September). Since its debut in the UK in 2005 and its introduction in America in 2007, the Timberland Boot Company (TM) men’s collection has resonated strongly with demanding consumers who appreciate superior quality and genuine design. The new collection will offer women a line of trendy, premium shoes designed with respect and dedication to the art of making boots.mens timberland roll top boot,

Developed to pay tribute to the strong and independent women who shaped post-industrial America,black timberland boots women, the Fall 2009 collection features beautifully designed shoes designed by and for women. Modern silhouettes, inspired by the traditional masculine costume, are tailor-made with a feminine touch, and delicate clues evoke stories in which shoes are repaired and embellished over time.

Every shoe from the 2009 Fall Timberland Boot Company (TM) collection is handcrafted to be “well worn”, just like their counterparts in the acclaimed men’s collection. Post-applied details, such as a whimsical point, a piece of ribbon, a piece of leather or an interesting fabric, timberland roll top boots wheat, are materials that a woman in the depression period would have had access to at home or work to repair or put on Up to date his shoes. This process results in subtle variations that make each shoe unique.


The line includes three key collections, designed by three different designers. timberland hiking boots for men, Each designer approached his collection by researching the period of time to identify societal milestones that may have affected what the women wore. They identified icons of fiction and real life women – including Georgia O’Keefe, Rosie the Riveter and their own grandmothers – drawing inspiration from historical and family archives.

white timberland boots for men,


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