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He next stars in “Soul of the Game,” an original film for HBO in which he play legendary baseball great Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in 1947 when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. “Soul of the Game” is scheduled to debut on April 20, 1996.

Last year Mr. Underwood earned praise for his starring role in the Warner Bros. film JUST CAUSE opposite Sean Connery. For his mature, confident and passionate portrayal of ‘Jonathan Rollins’ on NBC’s “L.A. Law,” he received the NAACP Image Award in 1994 for “Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series,”buy timberland boots online,and for his overall work T.V. Guide singled him out as one of “The Top Stars of the ’90s.”

He tackles each new challenge with a remarkable passion and uncompromising commitment characteristic of everything he does. Blair is committed to making difference in his community. He is a national spokesperson for City Year and dedicated supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 1993 Blair was the distinguished recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Los Angeles Chapter of MDA. timberland boots 2016,

“Giving back to society is an essential part of my life and one of the primary reasons I chose to do this campaign with The Timberland Company,” said Mr. Underwood. “While I think their products are exceptional, their corporate stance: that the Timberland boot represents a call to action — is inspiring. I share their commitment to both social and environmental responsibility and together with City Year, I hope our commitment to service and making a difference in our communities gets renewed attention and energy when the Timberland campaign breaks this Fall.” added Underwood.

Blair Underwood was born in Tacoma, Washington, the son of an Army Colonel,timberland work boots, and lived on Army bases in Germany, Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia before enrolling at Carnegie Mellon University as a music/theater major.


Carey Lowell made her first major impact on the silver screen when she was featured in the film, “James Bond: License To Kill,” with Timothy Dalton. This accomplished actress was recently distinguished by “Esquire” as a woman who is admired equally by men and women. Her appeal is universal. Known for her intelligence, talent, self-confidence and fresh-faced beauty, Carey captures the spirit of the Timberland woman.

Ms. Lowell’s acting honors are extensive. She recently appeared in the Oscar nominated film,timberland shoes black and white, “Leaving Las Vegas,” with Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue. She starred in the television series “A League of Their Own,” directed by Penny Marshall and has been featured in several blockbuster films, including: “Sleepless In Seattle,” “Club Paradise,” and “The Guardian.”

Ms. Lowell has just finished filming the sequel to “A Fish Called Wanda,” titled “Fierce Creatures,” with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline, expected to be released this summer.

Her love of the outdoors, gardening and family made her a natural participant in the Timberland campaign. “I have been a fan of Timberland for a long time — so when I was asked to do this new campaign, I answered with a resounding yes! As a parent, my commitment to conserving our natural environment has increased: I want my children, and eventually my grandchildren, black timberland boots for men, to appreciate and respect the earth and enjoy the quality of life that our protected planet can provide. I have always been impressed with the beliefs that Timberland advances through its advertising and community service programs, and I’m pleased to be involved in their campaign.” Ms. Lowell was born in New York and lived in France, Libya and Holland before moving to Colorado. Carey attended the University of Colorado, as well as New York University, and currently lives in New York City.


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